Meet LiZ

Liz was the first woman to move into Exodus House after it opened in the Fall of 2012. Liz began looking for an escape after enduring eight years in an emotionally abusive relationship that isolated her from family and friends. She had already quite her job as a caterer at Juilliard to take care of her partner's two teenage daughters, and she needed a way out.

"I kind of felt trapped, in imprisonment," she said. "I had no friends. I had no escape. I had nowhere to go."


Meet SAM

Samantha was addicted to heroin for two years, stuck in a bondage she couldn't break on her own. She said, "I wasn't a believer in God, and one night, I was sitting in my room when my ex-boyfriend asked me to go get drugs with him. When I went to get up, something held me there. It was like I had 100-pound weights on my feet. A child went up my spine, and a voice said, 'Don't go, and I will help you.' "

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